Wednesday, November 27, 2013 . . .

2016: Obama Plans To “Take America Down”:


‘First Amendment Rights of Americans at Even Greater Risk’: IRS Issues Rules Curbing Political Activity:

‘That’s My Job’: Outraged Mother Says Her Daughter’s School Crossed the Line With Privacy Infringement:

Do you ever get the feeling that the USG, the media, and the public schools are conspiring to shred the Constitution, teach our young that America is evil and to blame for all the world’s problems, and brainwash students to think that a communistic dictatorship is the ONLY way out?     I SURE DO!

Supreme Court Will Take Up ObamaScare Contraception Mandate:

Time Magazine Writer Says Rationing Is ‘Built Into’ ObamaScare:

ObamaScare “Cadillac Tax” Forcing Large Corporations to Slash Healthcare Benefits:

Small Businesses Begin Dropping Employee Health Insurance:

RIGGING THE FUTURE: ObamaScare Creates 50 New State Databases to Gather Potential Voter Info – Real or Imagined:

ObamaScare Built On Yet ANOTHER Lie:

ObamaScare Undermines American Values:

White House won’t rule out future executive action on immigration:

Obama the Dictator

City Orders Bar to Remove Sign That Says ‘Thank a Veteran for Your Freedom!’

Texas ends “The War on Christmas”:

Now Some in the U.K. Are Worried About the Muslim Brotherhood’s Influence in Government:

“Peace in Our Time”


 Thank you, Nevil Chamberlain . . . That worked SO WELL with Hitler!

David Horowitz: Iran Deal Worse Than 1938 Munich Agreement:

UN Declares 2014 as ‘Year of Solidarity With the Palestinian People’:

Rush’s Morning Update; Happy Ending

“Irvington, New Jersey, wants the city to use “eminent domain” to seize property from banks and other mortgage holders. All for the compassionate purpose of allowing people to stay in their foreclosed homes.” – Rush Limbaugh

Extremist Group’s War on Hate is Actually a War on Christians:

We Learned Why Appeasement of Iran Won’t Work…In 1801:

“Unruly” Mexican Crowd Attacks U.S. Border Patrol Agents:

             . . . Sounds like a job for “Ma Duce”.

Tea Party Shows Little Sign of Weakness in GOP Battles:

CNN (or as I call it, the Communist News Network) Poll: Huge Swing to GOP Puts Senate in Play:

ObamaScare Woes Have Dummycrats Worried About Senate:

Will Worried Dummycrats Abandon Obama?

Happy Thanksgiving!  El Presidente Wants You to Discuss His Talking Points at the Dinner Table:

Obama the Dictator


And finally – the perfect Christmas gift for the CCW Permit holder in your life:


“And that’s the way it is”, Wednesday, November 27, 2013.

Paul Revere