Paul Revere’s Daily News Brief – 1.2.2014

Impeach Obama Overpass

North Korean leader warns of nuclear disaster, threatens US

2014: Good Year for a Great War?

Uprising as Obama plans to skirt Congress on ‘New World Order’: Protest planned against ambitious free-trade agreement

Anti-Communist Icon Blasts Obama on ‘Failed’ Moral Leadership: ‘It’s a Dangerous Situation’

Poll: Americans Have Little Faith in Government

It took a POLL for them to figure that out?

The price of political ignorance: More government

Don’t Resolve, Revolt! What Are Your New Year’s REVOLUTIONS?


Kerry’s MidEast Peace Plan Will Destroy Israel Piece By Piece

Health Law Challenge Opens Up New Front

NSA 18

Obamacare Fees Irk Insurance Companies

Obamacare Rings In New Year’s Angst

GOP Must Strike While Obamacare Iron Is Hot


Four Red-State Democrats on The Hot Seat in 2014

GOOD !   Let’s hope the voters make an example of them!

Revisionist History Hits US Army Over Confederate Portraits

NYC mayor: Horse carriages ‘inhumane,’ abortion OK

Feds Consider Vehicle Location Tracking in New Cars: Proposal may lead to more accidents, mileage taxes and tickets for “recorded traffic violations”

NSA 22

NRA Releases List Of Celebrities, Organizations That Support Gun Control


Report: ‘Fast and Furious’ gun turns up at Mexico shootout scene

Fiat to buy full control of Chrysler

That leaves us only two American car companies, Ford Motor Company and Government Motors. Since I don’t like the Government controlling EVERYTHING, much less being involved in a business – guess which one I choose?

‘It’s Kidnapping’: Hospital Takes Custody of Teen Because Her Parents Were ‘Too Active in Pursuing’ Her Care

Retirement unlikely for some blue-collar Americans

It;s not so much that they are not making enough money, but that THE GOVERNMENT TAKES TOO MUCH AWAY FROM THEM !



US Government Orders 14 Million Doses of Potassium Iodide: Huge purchase linked to ongoing Fukushima crisis?

Rescue begins for icebound ship in Antarctica

I wonder how they will blame “Global Warming” for the ice . . . Personally, I think all of Al Gore’s hot air condensed and froze.

Best Cases Ever Made Against Common Core –  From a High School Student

Einstein Education

Mike Rowe on How Many Are Following the ‘Worst Advice in the History of the World’


Chrys Kyle Flag

He ‘Served This Country With Extreme Honor’: Remembering American Sniper Chris Kyle



“And that’s the way it is”, Thursday, January 2, 2014.


Yours for a FREE AMERICA,

Paul Revere

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