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George Soros – Global Depression Coming

By Andrew Zarowny

Glenn Beck′s favorite bad guy, George Soros, is predicting that a global depression is possible. Soros lays out his dire scenario in the Financial Times, warning that policy makers are doing a poor job and that the financial health of Europe is in jeopardy. He believes that the European Central Bank, ECB, must be given more authority and power over private banks, as well as create a common treasury for the Euro Zone. Soros also sees that the ailing nations, like Greece and Spain, need more help and must be refinanced at lower interest rates. Oddly enough, George Soros is also throwing his support behind the Stop and Occupy Wall Street protests. Perhaps not so odd given that the head of Soros Fund Management is not exactly a big fan of free market capitalism.

george soros global depression
George Soros warns about a coming Global Depression! Image Credit: Carrie Devorah.

The history of George Soros is indeed an interesting one. Rising up from obscurity in post-WW2 Europe, Soros has become a major player due, in part, to his skill at manipulating currencies. George Soros has been nicknamed ′The Man Who Broke the Bank of England′, as well as several other international currencies. Rush Limbaugh has likened Soros to the infamous James Bond villain, Ernst Stavro Blofeld. His fingerprints are on many global financial events, not to mention his money helping to fund numerous organizations that promote globalism and toppling America′s status on the world economic stage.

So is it any wonder that Glenn Beck thinks George Soros is a bad guy, too? We have often seen that when George Soros speaks and makes predictions, they have a tendency to come true within six months or less. His latest predictions about a coming global depression were made in an article he wrote for the Financial Times. Soros is calling for major reforms in the European Central Bank, giving them more power over private banks. He also wants a single treasury established for the Euro Zone and for more help to troubled Euro nations like Greece and Spain. George Soros has also now come out to support those who want to stop and occupy Wall Street.


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