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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chinese sorties over disputed islands spark war fears – U.S. Could Be Drawn into Conflict:

Analysts: Tensions in Asia could snowball


Hagel: U.S.-Japan mutual defense treaty covers islands China also claims

U.S. reassures Japan over dispute with China

U.S. sends military planes over disputed islands in challenge to China

It’s gettin’ a bit scary out there, folks. And with this president, I  am not too sure what to expect.


Krauthammer: Obama Has Taken a ‘Very Cavalier Attitude’ Towards U.S. Constitution



How ObamaScare Discourages Work and Marriage


ObamaScare Undermines American Values


Don’t Believe the ObamaScare Spin – Here’s What’s Still Wrong



Supreme Court takes up ObamaScare’s contraception dispute

Social workers take woman’s baby by forced C-section

Can we look forward to the same treatment under our new government run and controlled ObamaScare?

Scammers cashing in on ObamaScare confusion


Republican doctors running for Congress amid ObamaScare rollout fiasco


Hispanics Are Not Asleep: They Know What Obama is Trying to Do to Their Faith


Masking Totalitarianism


Obama the Dictator

Socialism is the “New” Middle Ages for Dummies


Enough enriched uranium in Iran for 4 nuclear weapons. N-Bomb awaits Saudis in Pakistan:


More Cracks in the Core: Massachusetts Halts Common Core Implementation


Judge rules Colorado sheriffs can’t sue over state gun laws


Pressure builds on Boehner for NSA vote


Fed-up lawmakers want stiff penalties for ‘Knockout Game’

About The Book “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return Of Racial Violence To America”

“Racial violence is back. Along with widespread racial crime – even riots. In hundreds of episodes in more than 80 cities since 2010, groups of black people have been roaming the streets of America – assaulting, intimidating, stalking, threatening, vandalizing, stealing, shooting, stabbing, even raping and killing. In cities big and small. In ways expected and unexpected. But local media and public officials are silent.

Crime is colorblind, says a Milwaukee police chief. Race is not important, a Chicago newspaper editor assures us. That denies the obvious: America is the most race-conscious society in the world. We learn that every day from black caucuses, black teachers, black unions, black ministers, black colleges, black high schools, black music, black moguls, black hair business owners, black public employees, black art, black names, black poets, black inventors, black soldiers, black police officers. We learn it in stories written by members of the National Association of Black Journalists. We talk about everything except black mob violence and lawlessness. That is Taboo. Result: Few know about it. Fewer still are talking about it.

Today it is at epidemic levels in almost every city in the country. The list of cities under attack is long and getting longer – with some cities suffering dozens of attacks in the last few years alone: Chicago. Miami. Philadelphia. Las Vegas. New York. Atlantic City. Milwaukee. Charlotte. Mobile. Kansas City. Denver. Birmingham. Saratoga Springs. Seattle. Portland. Nashville. Washington, D.C. Los Angeles. Rochester. Wilmington. Georgetown. Greensboro. Nashville. Peoria. Vallejo. Des Moines. Dallas. Rehoboth Beach. Baltimore. Montgomery County. Boston. St. Louis. Brighton Beach. And more, more, more. Des Moines, Iowa? Yes, at the Iowa State Fair, no less – during what one cop called Beat Whitey Night. Peoria, Illinois? Absolutely: As many as nine race riots in 2011 alone – right in the middle of Middle America. Milwaukee? Yes, on the Fourth of July, after looting a nearby convenience store, a crowd of nearly 100 blacks set upon some white teens on a picnic. After beating one white woman, a black woman noted, “Oh white girl bleed a lot.” And the Milwaukee state fair is probably the most explicit and public hate crime anyone has seen in years. Hundreds of black people roamed the fairgrounds, targeting white people for violence.

You didn’t hear about that?”  –  World Net Daily

“And that’s the way it is”, Sunday, December 1, 2013


Paul Revere