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Christmas Art


The “NEWS” can wait until tomorrow.


Please celebrate this HOLY DAY with your loved ones.


And a VERY SPECIAL “MERRY CHRISTMAS” to the fine men and women of our armed forces around the world . . .


THANK YOU for sacrificing and keeping us safe!


A quick “Christmas Story” before you go:

A teacher went around her class asking each of the kids what they needed at home.

 Joey said, “A computer.”

 The teacher replied, “That would be very useful.”

 Jenny said, “A new lawn mower.”

 The teacher again replied, “That would also be very useful.”

 Little Johnny popped up and said, “At my house we don’t need anything!”

 The teacher asked him to think again carefully, as everybody needed something.

 Little Johnny replied, “No I’m sure!!!  When Obama was re-elected, I remember my dad saying, ‘Well, that’s the last f….ing thing we need.'”


CHRISTMAS from Paul Revere.




Paul Revere

Betsy Ross Flag